Planning and preparation are keys to success in any endeavor so I’m approaching my new, healthier lifestyle the same way. Tonight I will get some things in place for tomorrow morning to kick-off my new year’s resolution:

1. Set up an area for my routines, including enough space for my yoga mat.

2. Plan for the next day’s breakfast:

A. 1/2 cup V8 Juice with a little pepper sprinkled on top.

B. Set up my blender next to a measuring cup and a metal glass. As promised, here is my almond milk recipe:

  •  Put 1.5 cups of ice cubes in the blender followed by a scoop of JuicePlus+ Dutch Chocolate mix, which is a whole food based powdered protein drink with fiber available online at (110 calories. 0 fat, 12g net carbs, 13g protein)
  •  Add 7 ozs. UNSWEETENED Almond Milk for weight management, which is rich in calcium plus lactose and soy free. (45 calories, 3.5g fat, 2g net carbs, 2g protein. 30% daily recommended  calcium, 25% daily recommended Vitamin D, both for bones, and 50% daily  recommended  Vitamin E for skin.)
  •  Serve immediately. I pour mine into a metal glass to keep the protein shake really cold while I drink it. It’s like having a chocolate shake without the calories or fat!

3. Create a bedtime routine and adhere to it without fail including:

A. No TV after 10:30 pm

B. Remove any makeup with our wonderful Parisian Peel Facial Scrub (use gently 2-3 times a week), and then use our pure Vitamin C Serum on my face.

C. Floss and brush my teeth – a critical habit for overall good health including my gums and heart – with a Sonicare toothbrush while my bath water is running.

D. Take a warm bath and soak for 20 – 30 minutes in NAKED FLAKES (available at Celeslie’s), which are all-natural magnesium flakes that increase my absorption of much needed magnesium. Experts say we are  deficient in magnesium because it’s no longer rich in our soils. Since it is hard on our digestive track to take an oral magnesium supplement I put it in my bath water to relieve muscle and  joint soreness, give me more energy, and relax me. I usually doze within 10 minutes on my  bath pillow.

I sleep like a baby after this routine!


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