Habits & Products for Good Health

After careful thought I realized that the preparation in the last blog entry was not quite everything I do in my daily life.  Other things are automatic.

For example, I make my bed every morning. It gives me the sense it’s time to start the day and then I am not lured back in…

I launder my sheets at least once a week, and I use Tide with Fabreeze because I love the smell. You can also use lavender or some other scent linen spray. Every other wash I put eucalyptus oil in the detergent dispenser, which I understand is a great way to get rid of dust mites.

My bedroom has to be uncluttered and pretty minimalist, clean and inviting. I have to look at it and think, “I can’t wait to jump into bed and go to sleep,” but I always follow the routine outlined on the previous post.

Because I often get a stuffy nose, I use a Neti pot with purified water and the saline solution 2 or 3 times a week. I used this long before Dr. Oz recommended it, but it is one of his favorites. After using the Neti pot I can breathe clearly all night long and throughout the next day. You can get one at a Health Food Store and the directions are included.

Another thing I swear by is purified water. I’m very picky about my drinking water so it has to be smooth tasting. I use a ZEROWater filtered pitcher, which you can get at any store for around $28. It comes with a meter to measure what’s in the water. I can taste the difference and drink more water. I use it for cooking, as well.

I recently had a conversation with a physician I know and he said he thinks diseases and cancers are on the rise because of chlorine in our drinking water. He said to either get a filtered system or fill a glass milk jug with tap water and leave it in the fridge for 3 days until the chlorine dissipates. Use two jugs so you can rotate them and have better drinking water.

Another product I love is Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer with self-tanner in it, I can’t mess up with it, and it’s available at any store. I also love Fake Bake Self-Tanner, which we carry at Celeslie’s. It comes in different shades and even has one for the face. I apply it nightly after drying myself off after my bath – just a smooth application all over gives my skin some color and moisture. Then in the morning I follow-up with AVEDA body moisturizer.

I look better and feel better when I use these products; fat and flaws don’t look so bad with a tan, moisturized skin, but I won’t use tanning beds and I minimize my time in the sun. And since the whole point is to make you feel better while going through this process, give yourself a glow all over!

Until next time,

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