A complimentary 10 minutes in our infra-red sauna is included with every treatment to maximize your results! Shaving is not recommended prior to treatment.

Celeslie’s Treatment

Designed by Susan Celeslie, this treatment takes you to a level of relaxation you can’t get to by yourself.

Wrap yourself in one of our plush robes, and feel the warmth from the inside-out in our Infra-red Sauna. Afterward you enter a beautiful, candlelit room with just enough steam to enhance the aroma of the essential oil of your choice. Your “experience” has begun.

You lie face down on the massage table while wearing a pair of black disposable boxer shorts or a towel over your backside; your modesty is always respected. The treatment continues with a rejuvenating 45 minute massage using our sea Salt Glow Scrub under the Vichy Rain Shower. As the7 sprays of 100 degree water rain down on you your senses are engaged like never before. We use Calming Body Wash to bathe off the scrub, and towel-dry your body.

Mineral-rich mud  from Israel’s Dead Sea is massaged into your skin for 45 minutes, while the Vichy Rain Shower is again cascading down your body. The combination of massage and water is hypnoticand you slip into a deeper state of relaxation. Once your skin has absorbed the nourishing sea minerals, you are once more bathed and towel-dried. De-aging Body Balm is applied with an emphasis on elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and feet for extra conditioning.

Black granite rocks made out of mineral-loaded natural stone – not river rocks – are then used in a 60 minute Hot Sabai Stone Massage to further replenish and relax you. The heat of the stones combined with the pressure of the massage allows for deeper penetration into the muscles. You will feel intoxicated, rested and renewed from head to toe.

Savor the silence and stay as long as you like in our beautiful spa lounge as you enjoy a refreshing glass of wine or water…  3 hours.


Infrared Sauna

Body Wrap

Salt Glow Scrub Restores skin’s radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with Papaya, pineapple and fruit extracts. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, the body is gently polished; rendering skin silky smooth and mineralized.  With additional massage – $135
Mineral Body Wrap Minimize, energize and revitalize your body! Get a head start on weight loss by losing inches and feeling smaller. This body wrap results in smoother skin, tighter neck and chin areas and visibly improved cellulite. Contains alkaline minerals that combat the aging process and smooth the skin’s appearance to a silky finish. Uses gravity and the tightening effect of the minerals to provide a slimmer looking profile and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Helping the body to get rid of the acidic waste it retains is a key component of the anti-aging process.) Click here for more information!
Face Lift Wrap  Create a smoother, more toned and youthful looking face with our anti-aging mineral blend Beauty-Lift facial wrap. Redefines facial contours, minimizes bloating & pores, and remarkably lifts the face.

Wax Treatments:
Eyebrows $15 Arms, half or full $35+
Full Face $41 Legs, half or full $39+
Underarms $23 Back or Chest $54+
    Bikini $34
    Brazilian Bikini $65