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Your modesty is always respected at Celeslie’s; we have created a place where you can slow down, relax and rejuvenate.


Our goal is to be the BEST part of your day!

A classic full body Swedish massage using personalized,
rich essential oils and aroma therapy to stimulate circulation,improve skin and muscle tone, relieve tension and soothe tired muscles.
$65   (45 min)
$80   (60 min)
$95   (75 min)
$110 (90 min)
$140 (120 min)
Kids $30 (20 min)
Hot Sabai Stone
A client favorite! Therapeutic massage strokes are enhanced by the use of warm, mineral rich black-granite stones to deeply penetrate the muscles, providing an even deeper sense of calm and relaxation.
$90 (60 min)
$120 (90 min)
Clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress, this massage combines the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot reflexology and a stress-fix aroma, which is infused with organic French lavender, lavandin and clary sage.
$90 (60 min)
$120 (90 min)
A relaxing Swedish massage customized to help relieve the stresses and discomforts of pregnancy.
$65 (45 min)
$80 (60 min)
$110 (90 MIN) 
Feel tension slip away with this massage that focuses on your head and scalp. A wonderful add-on to a haircut!
A therapeutic massage that works deep into the muscle tissue. It is designed to relieve muscle spasms and compensate for overuse due to stress or athletic activity.
$90 (60 min)
$120 (90 min)

$165 (120 min)
The manipulation of pressure points on the hands and feet to balance the entire body.
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