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It takes 27 minutes into a massage before muscles respond to the treatment, and  your modesty is always respected at Celeslie’s. Our Sabai Stone Therapy Massage is a client favorite! Massage strokes are enhanced by the use of warm, mineral-rich black-granite stones to deeply penetrate the muscles, providing an even deeper sense of calm and relaxation.
We provide a host of excellent services for your face including facials, treatments, boosters, peels, makeup, waxing and more!
Minimize, revitalize, energize and more with one of our amazing body wraps. Face Lift Wrap: the Beauty-Lift facial with an Infinity anti-aging mineral blend that helps to create a smoother, more toned and youthful looking face. This wrap redefines facial contours, minimizes bloating & pores, and remarkably lifts the face.
Hair, makeup, and other services to ensure you look your best on your big day! Perfect for wedding parties, management retreats, girl’s night outs, bridal showers, baby showers, “mommy & me” days, proms, birthdays and all celebrations!
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Services for our special guests ages 12 and under. Make it a Spa Birthday Party this year… it’s a great way to celebrate their special day!
Give the gift of Beauty, Serenity, Revitalization and more. Spend quality time with someone special, or even just set aside some time for yourself…
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